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Year: 2010

Thai title: แฟนใหม่
English title: Fan Mai

Rating: 4/5
Director: Piyaphan Chuphet

Main actor: Pete Thongjure,Ananda Everingham
Main actress:

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A young lady called Sree sees her boyfriend Oof going to cinema with another girl called Ying. Oof is a rich young playboy and also a liar. Hearing Oof speaking to Sree that she has no value for him, Ying, sad and disappointed, gets suicide. Oof and Sree start to have many frightening visions and see Ying ghost. Mo, Sree’s sister, helps her to find a role in a horror movie. The film producer (played by Pete Thongjure) likes Sree a lot. Meanwhile Oof still tries to resume relationship with Sree as he feels lonely. To have a break, Mo brings Sree and her friends on a remote island accessible by a ferry carrying cars. The horror movie will be shot there. A bad omen is welcoming them as police is just extracting a dead body from the sea. Their hotel resort is quite empty as it is low season. The film producer is also the owner of the resort. The friends leave the hotel after seeing a ghost at nighttime. Going back, they inform Sree that they read in a newspaper that Oof jumps to his death from a building! Once the movie is shot, a romance starts between Sree and the film producer. Back to her room, Oof is waiting for her. They have arguments as Sree was in fact the one having pushed Ying from the roof. It was not a suicide. But Oof didn't stop or prevent Sree to push Ying. Following a fight, Sree stabs Oof. When her sister is back to the room, Sree also kills her. Sree always had animosity against her beloved sister as she loves stealing things from her such as her doll many years ago or recently the resort owner... Having another ghostly vision, she stabs the resort owner trying to help her. While putting the bodies inside a big hole, she falls inside due to the sloppy soil caused by heavy rain. She gets crushed by a spirit house. Ananda Everingham appears after the credits. He was a former boyfriend of Sree. The same director made the movie “My Ex” (แฟนเก่า) in 2009 related also to a former girlfriend coming from grave and looking for revenge.

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