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เดอะ เลตเตอร์เขียนเป็นส่งตาย
เดอะ เลตเตอร์เขียนเป็นส่งตาย

Year: 2006

Thai title: เดอะ เลตเตอร์เขียนเป็นส่งตาย
English title: The Letters of Death

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

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A group of young adults are killed one by one following mysterious accidents. There were all classmates where they were young teens. One of them was a whipping boy. Due to a stupid game, he fell in the stairs and became physically disabled. All the classmates pretended it was an accident. Now being adults, the spirit of the disabled classmate is chasing them. They have to play hangman game. if they fail to answer, they die...

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