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Year: 2010

Thai title: เงา
English title: Ngao

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

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This movie is divided in 4 scary small stories related to consequences of past bad actions (เวรกรรม). When bad actions are performed, sooner or later, Thai people need to pay back (ต้องชดใช้)! The movie slogan is "กรรมใครกรรมมัน" so having a reference to the popular Thai expression "ตัวใครตัวมัน" (devil take the hindmost). * First story is about a young couple Som and Nat. A little girl is following Som. She calls Som as 'mum'. She is in fact a ghost. The little girl also frightens Nat. She is the child that Nat decided to abort as boring dury (เป็นภาระ) as Nat was only thinking about his own future. She now comes to take revenge on her ungrateful parents... * Second story is about teens riding motorbikes and launching rocks on cars driver to cause accidents so they steal easily their jewels and money. They finally get punished the same way they treat the others. * Third story is about a teen having a girlfriend. They confirm their love through red sacred threads (สายสิญจน์). Their love makes another teen unhappy. As the girlfriend is finally being dumped, she tried to hang herself. Instead of helping her the other teen just strangled her and disguise the crime as a suicide. The ghost is back for revenge on both of them. * The fourth story has a more comic twist as the action is taking place in a lousy hotel where people come for short time happiness. A female ghost is roaming there. The fourth episode reminds of the movie Buppha Rahtree mixing horror and laughters including stupid policemen and ladyboy characters.

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