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Year: 2010

Thai title: ตายโหง
English title: Tai Hong

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Mai Charoeunpura

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This movie is based on four real sensational and lurid stories. It is surfing on the Phobia movies serie (5 แพร่ง / สี่แพร่ง) success. It is featuring four small episodes with different directors. ตายโหง (Tai Hong) are spirits who died following a violent death. 1) On New Year's Eve a party is taking place in a disco. A fire happens. A young man, called Em, survives to the fire and has vision of dead people that haunts him. His girlfriend died during the fire as she was was stuck in the restrooms. There was only one exit. Finally both of them already died during the fire... It is based on real event that occurred on December 31, 2008 in the Santika Club nightclub in Bangkok where 66 people died. 2) A young man is sent to prison. He has visions and hears voice. It is a scary prison with frequent suicides. He was sent to jail because he raped and killed a young lady. Finally unable to withstand the horrible visions pressure, he suicides himself. 3) A mute young man receives a visit from a young girl. A financial transaction happens between both of them. She dies in his flat. He hides the corpse inside the building water tank. Then he has visions of her dead body. As the body starts to putrefy, people living in the building start to drink or shower with the water from the tank and finds body residues. One young lady investigates but the mute young man tries to drown her in the water tank. He is finally the one to get sunk by the ghost... 4) A prostitute (Mai Charoeunpura) brings two men in a motel room. While they are taking a shower, she talks to the old caretaker, who mentions presence of Phi Tai Hong (ผีตายโหง) in the motel. A corpse is found in the motel room. This episode is the most comic one. It mixes real and fake ghosts.

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