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Year: 2009

Thai title: ตอกตราผี
English title: The Fatality

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Somchai Sakdikul
Main actress: Wiyada Umarin

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This movie is a Thai Taiwanese production. Suriyong is working in a caretaker shop and is rejected by the society. He has always ghost visions. Following a deadly fight in Taipei, Suriyong wakes up in a Thai hospital but in somebody else’s body! He is now Asanee. He cannot remember he is married to a lady called Nakhun. He cannot speak Thai also. A Thai doctor speaking Chinese is assigned to his case. Doctors believe Asanee lost his memory (บ้าอะไร) as he cannot remember anything. Back home Nakhun doesn't believe Suriyong and tries to shoot him believing he is Asanee trying to hit her again. A mysterious secret prevails. Suriyong goes back to work as Asanee was a clerk. Some mysterious administrative letters are given to him. It seems ghosts (a woman smashed by a car, a little girl) want to give him messages. His office is inside an old administration building perfect for a scary setting. Suriyong understands he needs to stamp the letters that are in fact death certificates (ทำหน้าที่ตอบแทนเขา). Suriyong through stamping the certificates (คนปล่อยวิญญาณ) allows the spirits to have a rebirth. It seems his wife, Nakhun, has a mysterious secret towards him as Asanee’s best friend seems not so happy to see him back. Nakhun convinces Suriyong to go for a Buddhist exorcism. It takes place during the Tattoo festival at Wat Bang Phra. Monks prayers fail to liberate Suriyong. There is an impressive 360 degrees shooting inside the temple. Suriyong investigates on Asanee’s past. The doctor also conceals a secret. Suriyong understands he has the right of life or death on people (คนอยากตาย). By stamping the certificate, Suryong can become Yama, the hell guardian, and can shorten people life and sufferings. Same as Asanee before, Suriyong starts to take pleasure by killing people (สนุกฆ่าคน). Things turn badly. Asanee's body is posseded by Asanee's spirit again and Suriyong’s spirit is expelled. Only the doctor can see him. Asanee tries to kill Nakhun again. The only way to stop Asanee is to stamp his death certificate. Suriyong, thanks to the doctor help, can stop Asanee on time and recovers his body. Nakhun then shots Suriyong as she has a lover. Both Asanee and Suriyong are now really dead and Nakhun can enjoy the heritage with her lover.

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