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5 แพร่ง
5 แพร่ง

Year: 2009

Thai title: 5 แพร่ง
English title: Phobia 2

Rating: 5/5

Main actor: Charlie Trairattana,Choomporn Theppitak
Main actress: Marsha,Nicole Theriault

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Phobia franchise is back with a new episode released on 09.09.09! This time, Phobia 2 is made of five different stories. First story is about a young rebel teen called Phae. His parents are separated following a divorce. He blames his mother for not loving him enough. He is now a Buddhist novice in order to hide as he has committed a crime. While walking in the forest, the abbot asks him to stay in a remote area as part of meditation training. The local people believe in ghosts but Phae doesn't. Phae neither likes to be commanded neither listens to advice and recommendation. He secretly eats food at night time committing a breach in Buddhist teachings. He has no respect for monkhood. He is responsable of his father death in a car accident. Pret (เปรต) ghosts are living there. He is facing death as a karmic retribution (กรรม) of his previous bad actions (เรื่องของกรรม). Second story is regarding a teen having a motorbike accident and recovering from his injuries in an hospital room shared with a dying man. At night time a ghost (ผีอำ) is roaming inside the room and wishes to kill him in order to exchange bodies. Third story is about Thai zombies. Two japanese tourists are taken in autostop by a truck. The truck is transporting mysterious goods as something is knocking from inside. There are immigrants from south of thailand. They have eaten small balls containing drug. Then the drug has leaked and they become zombies. The two tourists and truck drivers are running for their life... Fourth story is about a garage lady owner, Nut, who is selling second hand cars. Those cars already have a deadly accident. She is concealing the truth to her customers. Some customers died as the cars were nice outside but not repaired inside. Nut is looking for her daughter that always like hiding in cars. Ghosts come to have revenge of having been sold a broken car. They take revenge over her daughter. The fifth story is the most funny and Ironical. It takes place on the shooting of Thai horror movie "Alone 2" (แฝด 2). The actress playing the ghost dies at hospital. The show must go on. The team needs to finish the movie to ease the ghost. Thainess is well shown in those 5 small movies. Phobia 2 was very popular and did 113.5 millions baht revenue in 2009.

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