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Year: 2009

Thai title: แฟนเก่า
English title: My Ex

Rating: 3/5
Director: Piyaphan Chuphet

Main actor: Shahkrit Yamnarm
Main actress:

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Ken is a butterfly and is working in entertainment mass media. One of his former girlfriend (แฟนเก่า), Min, is savagely killed by a truck when she was calling him from a phonebooth. His new girlfriend (แฟนใหม่) is called Koi. Ken is always followed up by a paparazzi. A ghost is coming back for revenge towards Ken bad behavior with women. Scary scenes happen to Ken and Koi. Ken goes to his Hua Hin home. To his surprise a former girlfriend Mem is waiting for him at nighttime. She was previously pregnant but then Ken dropped her. She then killed herself. Same as Mae Nak story, she is a ghost looking for her husband but Ken is not aware. She disappears mysteriously when Koi arrives. The paparazzi finds than Mem ghost image is surimpressed on many pictures he took. Frightening incidents happen. Mem causes Koi to have a deadly car accident. The paparazzi warns Ken's producer as Ken is not willing to listen to anybody after Koi's tragic accident. The paparazzi dies. The producer is also killed. Mem also causes Ken to have a car accident. As he apologizes (ขอโทษ) sincerely and claims his true love to Mem, the ghost forgives and spares his life. Finally as Ken continues his butterfly behavior, he falls with his new girlfriend from his condo to his death. Mem was also responsible of Min's death. This movie highlights the paparazzi bad practices and is a gory warning to butterfly men.

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