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6:66 ตายไม่ได้ตาย
6:66 ตายไม่ได้ตาย

Year: 2009

Thai title: 6:66 ตายไม่ได้ตาย
English title: Death happen

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Yodchai Meksuwan
Main actress:

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The movie starts with a strong opening. A middle age man gets suicide. A photo journalist, called Dao, takes pictures of a business arguing between two men. One man is shot. As Dao has seen the scene, she is also shot. But Dao is safe with no injuries. Her father just died. He is in fact the man who commits suicide. In the hospital morgue, her father wakes up and is sent to reanimation room. Strange night for Dao with two dead peope who finally wake up (ตายไม่ได้ตาย). The father killed his wife as she was suffering in terminal phase. Dao didn't meet her father for 15 years as she never forgives him. Wout is a policeman who is supporting Dao. Some journalist friends talk to her about lost spirits (วิญญาณ) that are wandering around refusing to die, refusing to be born. Dao is enquiring on those mysteries but a hitman is also chasing her regarding the embarrassing pictures she took. She then understands that her father died for her instead of her. Unfortunately the hitman finds her...

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