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Year: 2008

Thai title: สี่แพร่ง
English title: Phobia

Rating: 2/5

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Main actress:

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This movie includes four small stories shot by four different directors. The first story is about a teen girl receving many SMS from a mysterious boy. The boy is in fact a spirit, whose corpse has been buried with his mobile phone... The second story is about a group of mischievous teens always teasing a miserable guy. The guy, who dies during an incident involving the mischievous teens, is seeking revenge... The third story is about four young guys doing rafting in the jungle. One of them drowns and comes back to see his friends... The fourth story is about a air hostess travelling with the dead body of an Arabian princess in a private plane. The air hostess was a lover of the princess' husband. The spirit is seeking to clean up the affront...This is the scariest story.

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