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Year: 2007

Thai title: เวิ้งปีศาจ
English title: Dark water

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Kowit Wattanakul
Main actress:

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Nab is driving a herd of buffalo in Isan, Northeast of Thailand, but they are attacked by thieves led by ruffian Koon. Meanwhile while at home, his wife, Chan, is raped and killed. Her baby Nuan (นวล) is left behind. Chan's soul stays in the spirit house close to the river. Many years have passed. A young man called Sak (ศักดิ์), nephew of the local sergeant, is visiting the village and gets injured while helping Nuan attacked by ruffians. Khem, Koon's son, wishes to have Nuan becoming his wife. Village headman (ผู้ใหญ่ขุน) Koon has transformed the village into a thieves Eden. Sak is in fact an undercover policeman investigating on Koon. The area Wang Nang Phrai is a haunted shrine according to villagers and local people avoid it as a scary fiddle sound can always be heard there. A temple fair is happening in the village with boat race, dance (รำวง) and folk theater (likay). Saipin is the daughter of the sergeant and also Nuan’s close friend. She is fond of Sak. Khem is unsatisfied with Sak's presence. Ruffians try to kidnap Nuan again but they are chased away by the ghost of Chan. Koon decides to contact shaman (หมอผี) Kaew. They capture Chan and put it in an urn sealed with a sacred cloth. As Nuan is desperate following her mother disappearance, Sak consoles her and a romance starts between them. Saipin (สายพิณ) tries to get back Sak but to no avail. Saipin learns that Nuan is pregnant with Sak. Disappointed she arranges a plan with Khem so that he can kidnap her again. Refusing to become Khem’s wife, Nuan prefers to throw herself in the river and gets drown. Being pregnant, she becomes a powerful spirit (ผีตายโหง). The shaman tries to neutralize Nuan also. It is black magic versus white magic. Nuan spares Saipin’s life as they were friends before. Finally Saipin tells the truth to her father and to Nab. She has become crazy. Nab, Sak, the sergeant storm Koon house. Nuan takes revenge over Koon and Khem. She finally accepts to expiate her killings and hope to be reunited in next life with Sak. This movie scenario has many similarities with Mae Nak story. This movie brings a fresh and modern twist with better fx effects as such kind of movies were already popular in 1980 and 1990s.

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