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Year: 2007

Thai title: สวยลากไส้
English title: Sick Nurses

Rating: 2/5

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Main actress:

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A doctor killed his wife-to-be Tawan with the support of nurses. He is selling the corpses. According to Thai old beliefs, after 7 days, if the corpse is not cremated, the spirit will come back to find the ones it used to love and the ones who hurt it. The spirit is now coming for revenge as the 7 days are passed and the corpse buyer is late. Using beautiful and sexy nurses is not enough to have a good scenario even if there is some "originality" on the murders (no respect for already dead people, murder of a pregnant woman...). There is a visual feast of colors with gory, gruesome and bloody sequences as the spirit takes revenge on the nurses and the doctor. There is then a surprising revelation that Tawan is not a real lady...

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