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Year: 2007

Thai title: บอดี้ศพ#19
English title: Body#19

Rating: 4/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Ae and her brother, Chon, are living alone together. The sister is studying medecine. The brother has always frightening visions of chopped body parts. He also sees a deformed black cat and a walking fetus. He starts to mix reality and visions up to the point, he almost strangles his sister. He then goes to see Dr. Usa expert in personality deviation. He has an hypnotism seance with her and starts to better see his dream, including a lady whose face is blurred and somebody who is chopping a feminine body. Dr. Usa understands there is connection between Chon, herself and her distant husband, Dr. Sethee. She also discovers her husband had a love affair with a university lecturer, Dr. Dararai. Chon comes to believe that the woman ghost is sending him messages through his nightmares. Finally, thanks to some clues in his nightmares it leads Chon to a morgue where a mysterious corpse number 19 is lying... The corpse is Chon him-self! Finally there is a double personality problem between Dr. Sethee and Chon. They are the same person. The ghost of Dr. Dararai had a baby in the womb. She was a former mistress of Dr. Sethee. He killed her and chopped her body because she threatened to blackmail him if they break up. The ghost is using the double personality of Dr. Sethee by having one personality to enquiry on the other in order that he shall be condemned for his killing.

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