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Year: 2007

Thai title: แฝด
English title: Alone

Rating: 4/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Marsha

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Pim and Ploy were Siamese twins. Ploy is dead many years ago following a chirurgical operation as Pim wanted to be separated from her twin sister. Pim comes back from Korea with her husband Dong as her mother is sent to hospital due to serious sickness. Back in bangkok, Pim starts to see scary ghost manifestations related to Ploy. Dong, believing that Pim has health problems, sent her to a psychanalyst friend. The psychanalyst tries to convince her that the ghost manifestations are not real but only in her imagination as she feels guilty regarding her sister's death. She relates then her story. Many years ago, Dong met Pim and Ploy. He fell in love with Pim. Ploy was jealous and tried to break the relationship. Pim was so upset that she decided to get split from her twin sister. Dong learnt later that the reality is more frightening. Ploy, in fact, killed her sister and took her identity. She became Pim. Once Dong knows the truth, he breaks up with her but Ploy tries to erase and kill everything related to Pim. First her own mother, then Dong... It was first film role for Thai pop singer Marsha since 15 years.

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