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Year: 2003

Thai title: ผีซ่อนศพ
English title: Diecovery

Rating: 2/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

Following an argument between two young women and a young man in a old house, one of the ladies fell accidentally from a balcony and died. To avoid problems with police, the body is buried and the mouth is closed with sacred thread. 25 years later a young couple, Mook and Ton, rent the house and mysterious events happen (snake apparition, horrible visions...). An older couple, who are the owner of the house, welcome the younger couple. A crawling ghost appear at night time. As she fell from the balcony, her back was broken, so the ghost can only creep. Three young guys selling Ya Ba try to rape Mook but the ghost protects her and chases the three bad guys, who are killed one by one. Finally the older couple recognizes their involvement in the accident 25 years ago. It looks more a telemovie scenario than a real horror film.

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