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Year: 2002

Thai title: คนเห็นผี
English title: The Eye

Rating: 4/5
Director: Oxide Pang,Danny Pang

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Miss Wong is blind since she is two years old. She got the opportunity to get new eyes from a donator (บริจาคตา). After the operation, it is still blurry. She starts to see stranges things and has visions. Later on she understands that she can see ghosts. She can see things that other cannot see. She even can see the soul collector. She asks her doctor, Dr Wah, for help. He finally believes her. There is no improvement as she even decides to always stay in the darkness by closing curtains in order to avoid seeing ghosts. The doctor decides to bring her to Thailand in order to find more the eye donator. The eye donator is a young Thai lady called Ling. Ling was always despised by her neighbours as she could foresee when people would die. One day she could see that a big fire shall happen in the slum (สลัม) but nobody trust her. She finally hang herself as she felt ashamed not being able to prevent all these deaths. Miss Wong sleeps in Ling's room and can see the truth. She helps to the reconciliation of Ling and her mother so that Ling can rest in peace. When going back to Bangkok, Miss Wong can see that an accident is going to happen, i.e. a gas transport truck is going to explode. It is based on a real tragedy, which happened in 1990. A gas transport truck exploded along the New Petchaburi Road in Bangkok causing the death of 59 people. But same as Ling, nobody is believing her... Being blind again due to burnt eyes, she is now happier with Dr Wah at her side. Following the success of the first opus, movies "The Eye 2" and "The Eye 10" were then released in 2004 and 2005. An American remake was done in 2008 with Jessica Alba.

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