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Year: 2002

Thai title: ตำนานกระสือ
English title: Demonic Beauty

Rating: 1/5
Director: Bin Banleurit

Main actor: Chat Mongkolchai
Main actress: Pissamai Wilaisak,Duangdeuan Jithaisong

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The spirit ("PHI KRASEU" - ผีกระสือ) is a malicious and very dangerous spirit which manifests itself as a beautiful woman. It floats through the air because it has no lower body. It appears as a length of intestines suspended from a lovely woman face. A Khmer princess and her lover are sentenced to death by a Thai king. The Khmer princess is possessed by an evil spirit. Before dying, the evil spirit left the princess body to enter in a lady villager, who has just died and have same appearance. Her father and fiance are so happy that she has recovered but many people suspects she might be a ghost. During the night, "PHI KRASEU" starts to attack animals and then human beings. Monk help is required to get rid of the evil spirit.

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