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Year: 2005

Thai title: ผี
English title: P

Rating: 3/5
Director: Paul Spurrier

Main actor:
Main actress:

A Khmer family is living in a remote Thai village in Si Sa Ket. A little girl called Aaw is always scolded by the Thai students as a sorcerer's daughter. Her grandmother teaches her old incantations (ของดี) to be able to protect herself. Her grandmother is getting very sick and traditional potions are not helping. Despite her grandmother opposition, Aaw goes to the market to buy rice and medicine from pawn lady. Due to high debts, she has to go to Bangkok to pay back. She ends up in a gogo bar directed by a mamasan. She is renamed Dao. She goes out with her first customer and is very shy. Dao uses incantations taught by her grandmother to appear more attractive. The movie also highlights the pleas of girls working in gogo bars for the pleasure of foreigners versus money. Many of them are poor girls from Isan or from Bangkok slums. Dao starts to use black magic under wrong purposes such as personal vengeance as she was humiliated by her first customer. She wants to become the main dancer star in the show but there is already existing competition. By going under a line of clothes, her magical powers are altered. Traditional beliefs say people learning magic spells shall not walk under a clothesline as magic spells would decline. She uses magic (ไสยศาสตร์) to get rid of one girl called May, who is badly injured. But by not following advice from her grandmother, she turns into a kind of "Phi pop" (ปอบ), spirit eating raw intestine. May is looking for revenge and contacts a spirit doctor (หมอผี). Police is looking after Dao as a foreigner is found dead after having spent the night with her. The movie mentions those bars reserved for foreigners and protected by influential Thai figures. Dao gets attached in her bathroom by her friend Pookie to ensure the Pop ghost inside her die due to starvation. Meanwhile May's friends are looking for Dao and her friend Pookie. The movie ends up tragically with Dao killing her best friend Pookie, getting rid of May and her spirit doctor. Foreigners are shown as evil as they use young women so Dao as a Pop spirit continues to kill them. It is a Thai movie directed by a foreigner, the first ever Westerner to direct a Thai-language film. It features good photography and a good soundtrack.

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