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คนเห็นผี 10
คนเห็นผี 10

Year: 2005

Thai title: คนเห็นผี 10
English title: The Eye 10

Rating: 3/5
Director: Oxide Pang,Danny Pang

Main actor: Ray McDonald
Main actress: Bongkoj Kongmalai

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In Thailand, five Thai and Hong Kong teens, including 2 girls and 3 boys, are interested in scary stories and ghosts. One of them purchases a book titled The Ten Encounters, which describes ten ways to see ghosts. They wish to see ghost as it is fun time for them (เรื่องสนุก). They perform ceremony to call ghosts (พิธีเรียกผี). The ceremonies mix Chinese and Thai ways. One way is to hit chopsticks on a rice bowl to call hungry ghosts. Another way is to use a black cat at midnight to have the ghosts coming. One of the teen boy, Kofai, disappears as he urinates on a tree containing a ghost Mae Takhian (แม่ตะเคียน). It is an insult to the ghosts so he is taken away by them. One of the girls, Apliu, uses another way to see ghosts by applying coffin soil on her eyes. This soil is called hell soil (ดินนรก) and it burns her eyes. Hopefully the mother can help in time. She encourages them not to play with ghosts (รับไม่ไหว) as it is a dangerous matter (ใช้ของ). They still wish to find their friend Kofai. Hong Kong teens are back to their home town and still have ghosts visions in bus, when walking in tunnel or inside public housing estates (ก้มหน้าลง to see ghosts). The shots are particulary scary in Hong Kong old public housing estate. The teens want to stop playing ghost games. They performed a last ceremony to go to underworld by wearing dead people clothes but need to come back when a bell is ringing. They find Kofai but he prefers to stay in the world of death with his girlfriend. The mother cannot call them back on time and so they become spirits already (เรียกวิญญาณกลับไม่ทันเป็นผีแล้ว). The morality is not to play ghost game incorrectly (เล่นพิธีไม่ถูกก็ตายได้) as it can cause death. The film is actually the third of a film trilogy by the Pang brothers. It was shot in Thailand and Hong Kong.

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