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คนเห็นผี 2
คนเห็นผี 2

Year: 2004

Thai title: คนเห็นผี 2
English title: The Eye 2

Rating: 4/5
Director: Oxide Pang,Danny Pang

Main actor: Jesdaporn Pholdee
Main actress: Shu Qi

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Joey, young and beautiful Hong Kong lady, is spending a lot of money on shopping in Bangkok to forget her problems. She even tries a suicide tentative because she can see ghosts. The tentative fails. She call a Thai man called Sam during her insomnia. The hotel sends Buddhist monks to chase the ghosts from her room. She goes back to Hong Kong. Her Thai boyfriend still refuses to answer to her calls. She still sees ghosts in many occasions, i.e. in restaurants, MTR train station, bathroom. She discovers that she is pregnant. She decides to see a medium expert and gets Buddhist explanations on her ghostly visions. The medium tells her that a ghost wishes to enter inside her womb and be reincarnated inside her baby. When somebody dies, the spirit shall be reincarnated. It is karma (กรรม) Buddhist belief. So she tries not to panic when seeing ghosts. People believe she is crazy so she is sent to hospital. She sees a spirit trying to enter her womb. A woman ghost is chasing her. She enquiries on women who got suicide in MTR train stations. She forces the ghost to come out by trying to hang up herself. She finds the ghost’s name is Michelle. By interviewing some of Michelle’s family members she finds that her boyfriend Sam was Michelle's husband! Sam couldn't see Joey anymore without thinking about Michelle's suicide. His wife is going to be his daughter! His wife got suicide as a retaliation on Sam having a mistress. Joey doesn't want Michelle to become her baby so she jumps from the hospital roof but fails to die. Finally the baby is born and Joey can live happily with her daughter as she accepts to leave with the moral burden that she has part of responsibility in Michelle’s death. "The Eye" movies are an horror series, with the latest one titled "The Child's Eye 3D" released in 2010.

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