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Six หกตายท้าตาย
Six หกตายท้าตาย

Year: 2004

Thai title: Six หกตายท้าตาย
English title: Six

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Ray McDonald
Main actress: Intira Jaroenpura

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Fai is a lady having scary visions. She is mysteriously connected to the number "6", which is related to bad luck. On the night before her 24th birthday (2+4 = 6 and 6*4 = 24), her friends come to celebrate. The whole group is composed of 6 men and one woman, Fai. One of the friends foretells their future (ดูดวง) with tarots cards. They shall all die due to ghosts (ผีมีจริง). Following a visit to a Buddhist Thai temple and Chinese shrine to get protective items, they decide to find ghosts. On the way to an old mansion, they almost have a deadly traffic accident. Fai takes a picture of the group but the young men are not displayed on the picture... They reach the old abandoned mansion close to the sea. It looks like a haunted house with bats, rats, a mysterious hidden owner and a scary caretaker. A calling spirit ceremony (พิธีเรียกวิญญาณ) is performed. A woman spirit answers. Fai believes that the spirit wants them to achieve something. They found a room with 6 coffins. They put in place a network of small webcams and microphones in the house. Six of them performs a new calling spirit ceremony in six different rooms. Suspense is increasing. Woman cries are heard. Ravens attack. A ghost is seen. Blood spills. The batteries run out. Once the batteries are replaced, they have disappeared and finally are found in the coffins. All of them were involved in a murder 70 years ago. In fact they already died in the car accident when going to the house. The ghost already takes his revenge. All of them have died except Fai. This movie has a really nice photography. The suspense momentum gets increased very well.

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