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คน ผี ปีศาจ
คน ผี ปีศาจ

Year: 2004

Thai title: คน ผี ปีศาจ
English title: Evil

Rating: 4/5
Director: Chookiat Sakweerakul

Main actor:
Main actress: Pumwaree Yodkamol,Amara Asavananda

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Young teenage girl Oui has lost her two parents. She is coming to stay in a relative's home (Pa Bua), which is located in the upper floors of a printing factory. Oui needs to share room with youngster Nong am. Only three people stay at home at night time (Pa Bua, Oui and Nong Am). Nobody else dares to stay. Pa Bua forces Nong Am to eat mysterious liver (บำรุงเลือด). Nong Am claims there are ghosts in the house. Oui often dreams about her parents. One night, while the father was changing a tyre on their car, two youngs men killed her parents to rob their belongings. So she eats medicine to forget and not to see things that she doesn't want to see. Nong Am has scars in the back. Pa Bua is also an Indian sorcerer (หมอผีแขก) and medium (คนทรง). While cleaning the Buddhist altar room (ห้องพระ), Oui hears mysterious voices. Pa Bua is in trance. Tiger shouts can be heard. Each morning all workers are amazed Oui is still here and alive. Oui has visions regarding her parents' killer. She believes he is waiting outside. What is the most dangerous? Being inside with ghosts or outside with the killer? Strange noises can be heard in the house when Pa Bua is outside. Pa Bua has locked the house. Oui decides to go on the second floor to decide if people or ghosts are staying there. Two people are furtively seen. One worker, Phi Sutchai, is helping her. Pa Bua comes back. She becomes crazy. Oui has visions as she cannot distinguish truth and dreams. Finally Pa Bua was killing the babysitters that were mistreating Nong Am and was hiding the bones inside the walls. When she was outside, the spirits were wandering and terrifying Nong Am. First-time director Chookiat Sakweerakul has made a smarter Thai horror movie. His impressive debut took only about 10 million baht in Thai box office.

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