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เปรต ร.ศ. หกสิบเก้า
เปรต ร.ศ. หกสิบเก้า

Year: 2004

Thai title: เปรต ร.ศ. หกสิบเก้า
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Intira Jaroenpura

Prets (เปรต) are creatures that suffer as a result of their bad deeds in their previous lives. They are portrayed as extremely thin and tall. Their mouths are as small as a pinhole so they are always hungry as they cannot find enough food to feed them. They are moaning loudly out of intense pain and suffering. This movie takes place in the 1800s. A "pret" ghost is seen by villagers at night time. The "pret" ghost killed a few villagers doing bad deeds such as robbing Buddha statues in temple or removing gold foil from Buddha images. Beung, a young man, believes the "pret" ghost manifestation is linked to the finding of an old Buddha statue. Beung is also fond of Samri, the daughter of the village headman. A local landlord comes to the village to evaluate the old Buddha statue. He also gets interested in Samri. With the help of the village headman, he decides to rob the old Buddha statue to sell it to a rich collector. The temple abbot is killed and Beung is accused of the murder. while bringring the statue back home and Beung to prison, the landlord's team is defeated by the "pret" ghost.

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