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ผีแม่ม้าย 5
ผีแม่ม้าย 5

Year: 1994

Thai title: ผีแม่ม้าย 5
English title:

Rating: 1/5

Main actor: Tongchai Prasongsanti
Main actress:

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ผืแม่ม่าย 5 movie lasts 1h23mn. It was released in year 1994 and is available under VCD format. Similar to "BAAN PHI POP" (บ้านผีปอบ) serie, this movie is a mix of comedy and horror. The comedy takes a bigger part that the horror part. A young lady called Kun is aggressed in her house. The rapist is masked. The young lady fights back with a knife but finally gets stabbed. Plaew is her younger sister. Kun is accused by villagers of being now a ผืแม่ม่าย (widow ghost) as a young man is found stabbed. A group of Bangkokians led by Plaew return to a countryside village. This group features students enjoying party and เล่นผี. There are various characters in the group, ie the big comic, the small comic, the bad mouth mischievous comic, the playboy, the sexy girl... Plaew decides to go back to her village to understand what happened to her sister. She is welcomed by the local subdistrict headman, who is handicapped. Her friends (คนกรุงเทพ) follow her. Ceremony สะเดาะเคราะห์ is performed to chase away the widow ghost. One of the young villagers (Tongchai Prasongsanti) verifies that lady Throngsi is not a ghost (มีของดี เป็นคนดี). Plaew and Warut decide to dig to find the body. They are aggressed (จับตัวไป). Finally the responsible is the subdistrict headman, who simulates being handicapped. Plaew simulates being a ghost to reveal the subdistrict headman’s fault but it is not enough. The real ghost frightens the subdistrict headman, who suddenly can walk. While fleeing, he falls and breaks his neck on a rock.

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