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ผีแม่ม้าย 3
ผีแม่ม้าย 3

Year: 1993

Thai title: ผีแม่ม้าย 3
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: จรินทร์ พรหมรังสี

Main actor: Tongchai Prasongsanti,Mum Jokmok
Main actress: Lisa Tiruk

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Thai movie ผีแม่ม้าย 3 was released in year 1993 and lasts 1h38mn. It was released under VHS format and VCD format. Two songs are featured. Movie director is จรินทร์ พรหมรังสี. Thai actresses include ลิซ่า ธิรัก and แอน โอศิริ. Tan Tao and Mida love each other but the elder sister, Queen of the kingdom, rejects this love. An earthquake happens. They all die but the Queen curses her younger sister accusing her to be responsible for the city's demise due to her incorrect behavior. Back to modern times, two men in an Isaan village die due to a widow spirit (ผีแม่ม้าย). Boon Leua (Tongchai Prasongsanti) is concerned. The local spirit doctor (หมอผี) warn villagers. The news reached Tai Tan (Mum Jokmok) in Bangkok. Boon Leua has to wear ladies’ clothes in order that widow spirits ignore him. At nighttime, the widow spirits are back to catch men. Despite Boon Leua wearing women's clothes, the widow spirits recognize him as a man and try to catch him. He succeeds to flee. Men cause her kingdom to disappear, so the Queen takes vengeance over all men. All men's souls (วิญญาณ) are tortured. Boon Leua wishes to marry young lady Pen. Yotin is a doctor from Bangkok and he doesn't believe in widow spirits. For him, deaths are natural. Boon Leua is jealous as Pen is showing interest in Yotin. Tai Tan is back in the village. He also refuses to believe but finally meets widow spirits in the forest. Typical comic chase sequences happen as people try avoiding ghosts, but they finally get caught! The four friends are condemned to be tortured by the widow spirits Queen. They flee so the Queen sends all her girls to chase them. They get help from Mida, who promises to send back their souls on the next day before their corpses are cremated. Five corpses (ศพ), including the village leader, are about to be cremated. Yoti recognises he was wrong and wishes to ordain to give them good deeds. They are back on time before the cremation (เข้าราง). Yotin, being Tan Tao in a previous life, and Mida (นางทรยศ) recognize each other. The Queen tries to break this love again, but it fails. Villagers use big lingams (ลิงค์) to chase away the widow spirits. Pen knows she has no more chance with Yotin so Boon Leua reiterates his love to Pen and succeeds.

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