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ผีแม่ม้าย 2
ผีแม่ม้าย 2

Year: 1991

Thai title: ผีแม่ม้าย 2
English title:

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Ekapan Banleurit,Tongchai Prasongsanti,Kiet Kijcharouen,Apichat Halamjiak
Main actress: Metta Roongrat

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Thai movie ผีแม่ม่าย 2 เต้ยไหลตาย was released in year 1990 and lasts 1h14mn only. Some scenes are probably cut or censored. ผีแม่ม่าย serie includes 4 movies (Part 1, 2, 3, 5). Actors and actresses featured in this movie are Ekapan Banleurit, Tongchai Prasongsanti, Kiet Kijcharouen, ปภัสรา ชุตานุพงษ์ and a few cameo appearances by Metta Roongrat and Apichat Halamjiak. ผีแม่ม่าย 2 movie is a mix of comedy, action, horror, light erotism and a few songs such ฟ้าร้องไห้ sung by Tongchai Prasongsanti. The village is calm now. Young lady Choompu arrives in the village and meets Vina (Ekapan Banleurit). She stays with Tung, the funny katoey. Tongchai Prasongsanti is back and is wearing woman clothes as he is still worried about ghost widow (ผีแม่ม่าย). Tongchai is fond of Choompu. Romantic song ฟ้าร้องไห้ is performed by Tongchai to seduce Choompu. Kiet Kijcharouen arrives in the village and is looking for Choompu. He asks Choompu to go back with him. Four ghost widow ladies are sent to the village to bring men for their queen, who is living in เมืองผีแม่ม่าย. They possess bodies of village ladies (เข้าสิง) and tries to capture men by tiring them in bed. Sad sequence features the Hell guardian ยมบาล, who sentences the Phetburi Road driver to hell (in year 1990, a liquid petroleum gas tanker truck crashed at Phetchaburi Road, causing large explosion. 90 people died). Funny sequences of villagers chased by ghost widow ladies occur. Mina comes back and warns Vina about the ghost widow ladies. Pranee, head of ghost widow ladies, complains to Hell guardia (ท่านพี่), that men are now more wary of ghost widow so it is hard to capture them. A doctor (Apichat Halamjiak) is coming to cure people in the village but he is the first one to get sick! Pranee decides to send all her ghost widow ladies in the village. Choompu is possessed by a ghost widow but Mina intervenes to prevent she kills Vina. Villagers decide to fight (สู้ๆ) against the ghosts. Part of the movie is probably missing as the movie ends up with villagers organising a fireball contest (บั้งไฟ).

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