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Year: 1992

Thai title: ตะเคียนคู่
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Kowit Wattanakul
Main actress:

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Thai movie ตะเคียนคู่ was released in year 1992. The movie lasts 1h23mn. Young lady Champee (มยุรฉัตร สุทธินี) kills herself as she has been raped by some ruffians. Her close friend was Lampoo (นวพร ภิญโญ), daughter of village headman. At nighttime Champee is back to kill the ruffian Pajom, who is responsible of her death, but he has a talisman to protect him (ของดีป้องกันตัว). Pajom decides to hire Master (อาจารย์) Paen. Paen does a philter (ยาแฟด). The philter ends up in a failure and all protagonists are running all over (ตัวใคร ตัวมัน). Master Paen is killed. Phi Kaew (Kowit Wattanakul) is back from abroad. Kaew is looking for Champee. Young lady Booliaw keeps following Kaew. Kaew finally learns that Champee hanged herself. At nighttime Booliaw tries to seduce Phi Kaew but she is chased away by Champee ghost (ผีหลอก). Kaew wishes Champee to stop being a ghost and to be born again so he asks a master to manage it but it is also a failure. Champee is upset with Kaew and mentions she will leave only when she has finished to take revenge over those who hurt her. There is no additional bad karma for ghosts. Kaew now wishes to marry Lampoo. He cannot stay with a ghost (ผิดธรรมชาติ). Booliaw succeeds to seduce Kaew while he is drunk. Lampoo requests help from Champee. The ruffians use another master but it fails again. Champee kills all of the ruffians one by one. Finally Champee leaves and asks Kaew’s father to organise a wedding between Kaew and Lampoo. As typical standards in Thai horror movies, the ghost lady is wearing white clothes and there is strong wind as a symbol that the ghost is coming.

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