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Year: 1966

Thai title: เจ้าแม่ตะเคียนทอง
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Chaiya Suriyun,Lor Tok
Main actress: Sopha Sataporn,Preeya Roongrueng

This movie takes place in 1905. Yod is a slave. His girlfriend is called Khun. The master beats Yod because he finds his new wife with Yod. The master's wife, called Nang Neuan, accuses Yod of trying to seduce her but she is the seductress offering sweets (ขนมหวาน). The daughter, called Kalong, tries to protect Yod and asks for forgiveness. Kalong's father wants his daughter to marry a noble man called Bouleut but she doesn't love him. This is the old traditional Thai way, i.e. marry first, be together and then love will come later. The daughter is not willing. Yod and Khun may have bad sins (กรรม) in their previous life as they cannot have happiness together. They have a promise of forever love in front of a Takhian tree. Nang Neuan sends a ruffian to try to rape Khun but Yod protects her. The ruffian is killed so Yod has to flee. Still wishing to hurt Yod, Nang Peuan suggests that Khun becomes the master's mistress (เมียน้อย). Nang Peuan pays mercenaries to catch Yod. They succeed to overcome him. As the next day is end of slavery in Thailand so the master wants to beat him until death today. Khun accepts to become the master's mistress in order to save Yod's life. Later on Yod rejects Khun and breaks up with her accusing her of being unfaithful (หลายใจ). Disappointed and sad over Yod's reaction, Khun hangs up herself at the Takhian tree. Once Yod understands Khun's body sacrifice to save his life, it is unfortunately too late. Kalong puts money in her hands to spend in the death world. She is buried by Yod under the Takhian tree and is not cremated. Some people hear a woman crying near the Takhian tree. Khun is back as a ghost. Villagers get tricked (โดนผีหลอก) by the ghost. The master decides to cut the Takhian tree but the ghost prevents this to happen. The master decides to use a sorcerer (อาจารย์) to cut the tree. He settles a ceremony to call for the ghost (วิธีเรียกผี) but the ghost chases them away and terrorize the master, who has a serious fever. In almost old Thai horror movies, sorcerers are useless comical characters that always fail to chase ghosts. Kalong decides to call a westerner doctor (หมอฝรั่ง) to cure her father as Thai sorcerers (หมอผี) are useless. Yod works now for the westerner doctor and has been trained to be a doctor also. He cures the master and it is a satisfaction as the slave cures his former master. But the master still hates Yod. Another sorcerer is used but he is a charlatan. He tries to catch a fake spirit (ลงหม้อ). The real ghost chases the fake one. Traditional chase in accelerated motion happens between ghost and humans. This is typical from Thai horror movies from 1960s to 1990s. The master defies Khun but gets strangulated and dies. Nang Peuan decides to kill Kalong to get full heritage but Khun protects Kalong and strangulates Nang Peuan. Bouleut is in fact a bad guy that is already married but wants to marry Kalong because she is coming from a rich family. Love story happens between Kalong and Yod. The ghost Khun is now angry with Kalong accusing her to take away Yod from her. They cannot stay together (คนละโลก). A sorcerer helps to chase the ghost by performing a ceremony (พิธีสะกดวิญญาณ) and neutralizing the tree spirit. This two hours length old movie has a new soundtrack including music from Ennio Morricone. Many 1960s movies were shot in 16mm without synchronised sound. The image is damaged but still fine even if some colors are gone. As many horror movies from 1960s to 1990s, it mixes horror and comedy gags.

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