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Year: 1991

Thai title: กะหัง
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Mum Jokmok,Joomjim Khemlek,Somsak Chaisongkram
Main actress: Trirak Rakkarndee

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Thai movie กะหัง was ​released in year 1991. It lasts 76 minutes. The picture quality is average. It was sold by two VCD companies under the name หม่ำต้มยำผี2. The highlight of this low budget comedy horror movie with limited Fx is to have two famous spirits from Thai folklore to meet (ผีปอบ and ผีกะหาง). Lom (Mum Jokmok) and Joomjim Khemlek are talking about a young lady called Fon. Doctor Klam (หมอกล่ำ) (Somsak Chaisongkram) is an herbal doctor (สมุนไพร). His daughter Oon, is pregnant since 2 months with Phi Mek but she didn't tell her father. A bit of light erotism suggestion is featured as such movie needs to accommodate many tastes in rural audience. Nobody talks to Sai Jai (Trirak Rakkarndee) or her mother in the village except Phi Mek. Sai Jai doesn't know that her mother is an ogress (ผีปอบ). Phi Mek decides to flee with Oon as they know Oon's father doesn't like Mek so he will not approve the wedding. Fon is Mek's younger sister. Mek asks his friends to take care of his father and his sister while he is away. Friends argue to be the one to take care of the beautiful Fon. Klam is very upset and threatens to kill both Mek and Oon. At nighttime in the forest, a demon (ผีกระหัง) attack them. Oon is killed. Sai Jai's mother, who was following Klam, eats her intestine. Phi Mek is back to the village. Nobody knows who the demon is. It is in fact doctor Klam! Sai Jai's mother forbids her daughter to see Mek and to marry only once she is dead. At nighttime, the mother becomes an ogress (ผีปอบ), female ghost eating intestines, and chases for preys. She is then attacked and killed by the demon. Before dying, the spirit is transferred from the mother to Sai Jai. Sai Jai then becomes an ogress. Klam is identified by villagers as the demon. A spirit doctor (หมอผี) is called. Finally as both ghosts are chasing villagers, the spirit doctor succeed to neutralize them. Klam becomes ashes and Sai Jai is safe after the spirit is removed from her body.

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