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Year: 1990

Thai title: ปอบผีเฮี้ยน
English title:

Rating: 1/5

Main actor: Ekapan Banleurit,Tongchai Prasongsanti
Main actress: Trirak Rakkarndee,Metta Roongrat

Same actors from "Baan Phi Pop 1 and 2" are playing in this Phi Pop movie. Rich trader people (คนเศรษฐี) want to buy land from grant-mother Chom but she refuses. She is living with her daughter Kaew (Trirak Rakkarndee). Ruffians are sent to expel them but they are killed by the grant-mother Chom, who is a "Phi Pop" ghost. Many deaths happen in the village due to the presence of a "Phi Pop" ghost. Villagers are fed up and decide to use a sorcerer (หมอผี) to exorcise the village. The grant-mother Chom is defeated by the sorcerer and dies. Before dying, the "Phi Pop" spirit is transferred from the grant-mother to Kaew. Phalat (Ekapan Banleurit), the new village headman (กำนัน), promises to take care of Kaew. The rich trader tries to abuse Kaew but he gets killed by the "Phi Pop" ghost also. The son of the rich family has a poor girlfriend, Plaew, from the village. She is now pregnant so the son forces her to abort and causes Plaew's death. Being pursued by villagers, the "Phi Pop" ghost transfers from Kaew to Plaew. Plaew kills her bad boyfriend. Phalat has difficulty to reason villagers wishing to exercise their law versus the official law. They use a sorcerer again but this time it fails. In a hurry ending, another master neutralizes the "Phi Pop", who transfers again to another lady from the village. This movie uses same recipe as "BAAN PHI POP" (บ้านผีปอบ) movie serie, i.e. a mix of horror, comedy, a tint of salacious jokes. It opposes the village world (Chinese rich trader unable to speak Thai properly, watching movie in temple...) versus the Bangkok world (stereotype and mannerism from ผู้ดีจากกรุงเทพ...). This B type movie uses strong side lights and smoke for night scary scenes. The poor editing jumps easily from the night scene to day scene in a same sequence.

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