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บ้านผีปอบ 2008
บ้านผีปอบ 2008

Year: 2008

Thai title: บ้านผีปอบ 2008
English title:

Rating: 2/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Natanee Sitthisaman

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Baan Phi Pop movies include many sequels. This the 2008 version! 13 previous sequels were shot during years 1989-1995. Actors have changed and famous Thai comics from decade 2000s are part of this movie. In a village there is a local shaman (หมอผี) curing villagers through tough ways (hitting people with stick and hot water to chase spirits). Some modern doctors, invited by the village leader, are coming also to cure villagers through western ways. The shaman’s daughter Shaba likes very much the modern doctor from Bangkok. Traditional village life is shown with Buddhist temple fair, respect for elders (ผู้ใหญ่), villagers meeting at evening time with alcohol (กินเหล้า) for adults... The shaman (อาจารย์) Krai sees the modern doctors as a threat to his business and influence in the village. He sells also various potions (น้ำมันพราย) to some gullible villagers wishing to seduce girls. Krai hits a woman having malaria trying to chase the spirit (ลายผี) as believing she is possessed (ผีเข้า). The modern doctor diagnostics malaria and provides medicine. Yip is Krai's wife. It is still the same actress, who became an iconic actress following these past "Baan Phi Pop" roles. She forgets she was a Phi Pop ghost in the past. Full moon is now coming. Krai wakes up the Phi pop ghost present in Yip’s body. Krai hopes it will make the modern doctors flee. But even Krai cannot control Yip anymore and ask help from the village leader. The last solution is to ask help for the temple abbot (หลวงพ่อ) but it fails also. There is a disappointing end but it lets the movie opened to another sequel! Similar recipes from previous sequels are used here such as the classic sexy scene of the young lady having a bath in a pond using the traditional tight sarong (ผ้าถุง). The 2008 version benefits from a higher budget and features modern countryside and dance music. It is as usual a mix of simple visual gags and light horror. The movie still features similar chasing pursuits in accelerated motion between Yip and the villagers. There are numerous references to the first 13 episodes and also to some western horror movies such as Freddy and Friday 13. The doctor played by Kiet Kijcharouen is now played by a similar fat doctor. Songthong’s son is also playing. A 2011 version is coming soon!

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