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พันธุ์ผีปอบ 3
พันธุ์ผีปอบ 3

Year: 1992

Thai title: พันธุ์ผีปอบ 3
English title:

Rating: 1/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

Oncle Je has a new wife. She is a Phi pop spirit (ผีปอบ). น้อง Tum is her beautiful daughter. Teacher (อาจารย์) brings his cinema students to Kanchanaburi for outdoor outing. The teacher is a nuisance as he is always complaining. This version features a slight higher budget as there are original songs. Students tease the teacher as they disguise themselves as ghosts (ผีหลอก). But the real spirit Phi pop is wandering around and possesses a woman teacher. Tum has a hidden lover so her mother kills him and eats his intestines (ไส้). Two students are then killed by the possessed teacher. Other students found their teacher eating raw bloody intestines! The two Phi pop spirits meet in the students' camp and fight together. Students need to find a way to fight back the Phi pop spirits. By using a bait, the students succeed to capture the two Phi pop spirits in a cage. A real shaman (หมอผี) is needed as two Phi pop spirits escape and support each other. Continuous chase pursuits between the students and the Phi pop spirits happen (จับๆ จับๆ). Phi pop spirits are finally killed savagely by the smart students. Part of the movie takes place in the famous Prasat Muang Sing Historical Park in Kanchanaburi. As usual the “Phi pop” (ผีปอบ) movies franchise deal with a rural background and low level jokes. Phi pop movies franchise deal with a succession of gags, traditional sexy bath sequences with sarong (ผ้าถุง) and cheap 1970s Fx like. Following the success of “Baan Phi Pop” movies (บ้านผีปอบ) franchise, another team created this serie but it only last 2 episodes.

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