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Year: 1990

Thai title: แม่นาคคืนชีพ
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Likit Eakmongkol
Main actress: Metta Roongrat,Marasri Bangchang

Thai movie แม่นาคคืนชีพ was released in year 1990. It lasts 1h46mn. Marut (Likit Eakmongkol), working in a newspaper as writer (นักเขียน), is investigating on ghosts (ผี). Veteran actress Metta Roongrat is the mother of Marut. Marut decides to write the real story about Mae Nak (แม่นาค). With a friend, he goes to Buddhist temple Mahabut. Nobody wishes to answer to him. Marut takes pictures of the dancers (ละครชาตรี) and remarks a lady identified as teacher (ครู) Nuan Monapa (ชุดาภา จันทเขตต์) on the picture. Relief character is called Mongkon (ธีรวัฒน์ ทองจิตติ). Nom is Nuan's younger sister. Marut meets the teacher face to face but she claims she is not the one on the pictures. A man called Boonme (จ้องไว้แล้ว) has arguments with Marut and Mongkon as he believes they come to seduce teacher Nuan. Bad words fuse (หมาหมู่) so better use polite language (ภาษาดอกไม้). After a diner, Marasri Bangchang mother of Nuan, Marut and Mongkon are aggressed by ruffians led by Boonme. Ghost Mae Nak having same face as teacher Nuan helps Marut. Her previous husband called Mak is reincarnated through Marut nowadays. Marut has disappeared and his parents, Mongkon and Nuan are worried. A woman called Apinya and claiming to be Marut's fiancee threatens to sue Nuan's family. Mae Nak wishes to go living in Marut's home. So she visits Nuan and warns her not to visit Marut to avoid bringing confusion. Apinya is unhappy of Nuan being in Marut's home and called her bumpkin teacher (ครูบ้านนอก). Apinya, being slapped, quits the home and promises to come back with a spirit doctor (หมอผี). She decides to hire some ghost busters. They fail. Apinya decides to hire a real master (อาจารย์). Brahma statue asks Mae Nak to forget her love and to rebirth (หมดเวร). Apinya puts a sacred neck on Nuan and she becomes Mae Nak. Marut is now aware of the reality. He chases away Apinya and removes the necklace hurting Mae Nak. Mae Nak asks Marut to marry the real Nuan. Nuan and Marut get engaged. During one night, Nuan is kidnapped. Boonme is suspected. Marut decides to get Mae Nak's help. Apinya is the one behind the kidnapping wishing Boonme to have Nuan becoming his wife. Mae Nak arrives on time to save Nuan. Apinya to save her life promises to stop bothering Nuan. Mae Nak can now leave this world to rebirth.

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