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แม่นาค 3D
แม่นาค 3D

Year: 2012

Thai title: แม่นาค 3D
English title: Mae Nak 3D

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Doo Dook Kradon,Rith Luecha,Choomporn Theppitak
Main actress: Bongkoj Kongmalai

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Thai movie แม่นาค 3D was released in year 2012. Veteran actor comic Doo Dook Kradon is playing relief character. During a temple fair (งานวัด), Mak is participating to a Thai boxing match. His opponent is Pleung, son of the subdistrict headman (พ่อกำนัน) (Rith Luecha). Pleung loses to Mak as Mak has the support of young lady Nak (Bongkoj Kongmalai). Mak and Nak wedding happens in the subdistrict headman's house making Pleung very upset (ให้นาคเป็นเมีย). Pleung uses a magician (หมอผี) to make a love philtre (น้ำมันพราย). The philtre touches Ploy instead of Nak. Ploy kills herself in Pleung's bedroom. Pleung wishes to use teacher (อาจารย์) Kong, who requires a foetus from a pregnant dead woman in order to create a child spirit (กุมารทอง). Unfortunately Nak, pregnant, dies while Mak is away. She is upset with Kong hurting her dead baby (นาคมา). Finally Phi Mak is back after being soldier (ไปรับราชการ) one year in Bangkok. He is not aware that Nak died already. Nobody dares to tell him the truth. He finds his house in bad shape. Finally Nak comes at nighttime but strangely her body is cold and has a strong smell. The famous scene when catching a lemon is impressive in 3D. Veteran actor Choomporn Theppitak is playing a monk. Kong promises to get rid of Nak but he finally dies. Nak takes revenge (ผีนาคอาละวาด) over those, who hurt her baby. Pleung’s life is spared but he becomes crazy. During her body cremation, Nak looks for Mak. Mak asks her to stop her killings and to accept her death. Mak plans to ordain permanently as a monk (บวชไม่ศึกตลอดชีวิต). Nak finally leaves for heaven (พบกันทุกชาติ). Mak wishes a good departure (อนุโมทนาสาธุ).

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