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นาค รักแท้ / วิญญาณ / ความตาย
นาค รักแท้ / วิญญาณ / ความตาย

Year: 2006

Thai title: นาค รักแท้ / วิญญาณ / ความตาย
English title: Ghost Of Mae Nak

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Kowit Wattanakul
Main actress: Marasri Isarangkul

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Nak and mak are a young couple that love each other deeply. Their trueness of their love wakes up the ghost Mae Nak. Mae Nak has been buried only and never had any proper funeral ceremony. Through terrific apparitions, she needs their help to rest in peace. Anybody who try to hinder their love is killed (the greedy estate agent who sold them the old house, the burglars). Mak, following a circulation accident, falls in a deep coma. Nak needs Mae Nak help to cure him. But Nak needs to find Mae Nak's body first to make proper Buddhist ceremony so that she can rest in peace. She also needs to give her back an old brooch made of her bones. Nak has to finish her task before an exorcism (ไล่ผี) is done on Mak. This is a modern and refreshing version based on Mae Nak ghost story that has inspired more than 15 Thai movies. The two main actors are coming from the Thai soap opera TV series. The director is English and the photography direction is really good.

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