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Year: 1984

Thai title: นางพรายคะนองรัก
English title:

Rating: 2/5
Director: ศุกร์ 13

Main actor: Krai Kanchit,Lor Tok,Note Chernyim
Main actress:

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Thai movie นางพรายคะนองรัก was released in year 1984 and lasts 1h37mn. it was released under VCD format by company Premium. Movie director is ศุกร์ 13. Thai actors and actresses featured in this movie are Krai Kanchit, Lor Tok, Note Chernyim, ยอด นครนาย, เบิ้ม, ยักษ์, ซาษา, หนึ่งฤทัย, รัตติยา ทิพาพรรณ, พรรณธิกา ดาราพร, เพ็ญแข ปัญโส. Young men Pon and Yot have issues with the village leader's son while eating with young ladies Raem (นาเดียร์ แอลโดซาลี) and Soi. A fight occurs between the men. Raem's mother is sick and needs to stay in the village clinic. Krai (Krai Kanchit), new stepfather, is attracted to young lady Raem. Raem is raped by her stepfather (พ่อเลี้ยง). She discloses the truth to her boyfriend พี่ Pon (ชาตรี ธนะพงษ์) but he accuses her to be an easy girl (ใจง่าย). Disappointed by her stepfather and being misunderstood by Pon, Raem leaves the house. The mother comes back home but doesn't find her daughter Raem. Raem is finally found. She hangs up herself to a tree. The mother wants to understand why her daughter dies. Pon doesn't understand either. Young lady Deuan visits Pon. Pon cannot forget Raem. Soi wishes to help Deuan. Villagers discuss Raem being back as a ghost. Being drunk, the village leader's son visits the cemetery where Raem's body is resting. They face a skeleton being alive (ผีหลอก). They flee away as it is Raem. Raem ghost sees Pon and Deuan being lovers. Raem is concerned as two women, Deuan and Taeng Oon, love Pon. She asks Pon to be back with her. Pon cannot accept as they are not living in the same world anymore. Raem promises revenge over those who hurt her. She kills them one by one. The villager leader's son requests help from a local master (อาจารย์). Some villagers wear a dress (ผ้าถุง) as Raem is killing all men in the village. Taeng Oon visits the master to get a love philter to seduce Pon. The master (หมอผี) defies Raem (นางพราย) but gets defeated. Raem beheads him. The village leader asks all villagers to sleep together to be able to protect each other. A procession led by Note arrives in the village. A palanquin is used to carry Master Lor Tok and his young wife. They stop in the village. Raem is too strong for Master Lor Tok so finally Raem's mother spirit intervenes to stop her.

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