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Year: 1984

Thai title: ผ่าโลง
English title:

Rating: 2/5
Director: น้ำมนต์

Main actor: Tanit Pongmanoon,Somsak Chaisongkram
Main actress:

Thai movie ผ่าโลง was released in year 1984 and lasts 1h56mn. It was released under VCD by Lepso company Ltd and also under VHS format. Movie director is น้ำมนต์. Thai actors and actresses are Tanit Pongmanoon, วัลลภ นพสมบูรณ์, Somsak Chaisongkram, นที บุญนาค, ปรางค์ นาคบุญ, บรรพต พลขันต์, สงัด เพ็ญแข, ยงค์ หน้ามอด, เดช ดำเกิง, new actress สรัญญา เสนีย์, sexy actress รพีพรรณ จันทรา. When this movie was projected, an advertisement was announcing that special scenes were present (ฉากพิเศษ / ฉากเรทR). Many horror movies (such as แม่หมอน้ำมันพราย, อาถรรพ์น้ำมันพราย, ค้างคาวทอง, เดชผีดิบ...) followed this trend as adding erotic sequences was a guarantee for good earnings. Such special scenes were shown in stand-alone theaters (โรงชั้นสอง) during late night projection or on the first projection of the day in the morning. It was also a concern to show such movies during outdoor cinema sessions as there were often children. Sometimes the special scenes were collected on one reel and shown all together at a late time when children were back home. Finally, less people went to see outdoor cinema sessions as such movies were targeting male audiences only. One erotic sequence is featured in Thai movie ผ่าโลง. An extraordinary lighting makes sorcerer spirit (แม่หมอ) Nuan to wake up and to be back. She releases her werewolf called Cham. They are looking for revenge towards the village leader Tap. Teacher Yot (Tanit Pongmanoon) is going to welcome a friend, being a doctor and visiting the village. The village leader Tap wishes to send his daughter Tap Tim to Bangkok to study sewing. The teacher is wishing to help. Local shaman Kong (หมอผี) has a younger wife named Chom. Cham changes himself into young lad Det to attract Chom. Kom helps his wife and Cham flees. Cham possesses the village leader Tap, who becomes a werewolf also. The next day, a woman's dead body is found. Many scratches are found on her body. The sub-district officer Somsak (Somsak Chaisongkram) asks the doctor for advice. Nuan kills another shaman. Teacher Yot sees the scene and is chased by Nuan in order to silence him. Nuan can transfer herself into a powerful owl to chase her victims. Yot fights against Nuan and hopefully a chinese Shaman rescues Yot. A werewolf (หมาป่า) attacks and kills Choompu, Choo’s wife. Choo is the henchman of the sub-district officer Somsak. At the same time, Yot, with clothes full of blood as being injured, exits from the forest. The villagers believe Yot is the werewolf. About to burn Yot, the doctor intervenes to stop villagers. To avoid burning an innocent, the sub-district officer Somsak agrees to wait one day to see if Yot becomes a werewolf. Meanwhile the village leader Tap, being a werewolf, becomes human after meeting his daughter Tap Tim. Village leader Tap kills three guards to release the teacher Yot. Yot takes refuge in a Chinese temple. Villagers arrest the doctor as they believe he released his friend Yot. Shaman Kong announces to sub-district office Somsak that the werewolf is the village leader Tap. Daughter Tap Tim warns her father Tap, the village leader, so that he can flee. The doctor and young lady Soi follow the village leader Tap to know Yot whereabouts. Unfortunately, the doctor and Soi are killed by the village leader Tap becoming a werewolf again. Shaman Kong, knowing that his wife has an affair with young lad Det, sends werewolf Cham to kill both Chom and Det. The corpses are found but the subdistrict headman Somsak is concerned that their injuries are different from werewolf scratches. The sub-district headman Somsak suspects Shaman Kong and tries to catch him but Kong sends Chom spirit to kill Somsak. Finally, Nuan kills Somsak. Teacher Kathin's father is killed by werewolf Tap. Finding where teacher Yot is hiding by following Tap Tim and Kathin, Choo tries to kill Yot but fails. Choo is also finally killed by the werewolf Tap. Nuan defies Kong and following an epic battle, Kong is defeated. Teacher Yot promises to help Kathin. Yot and two ladies are attacked by werewolf Tap. Tap Tim, in order to protect Yot, has to stab the werewolf Tap, being her father. She gets hit by the werewolf and dies. Tired by Nuan’s exactions, the Chinese shrine spirit has to defy Nuan. Nuan and Cham are defeated and held captive in a bottle. Yot, carrying Tap Tim’s body, and Kathin are leaving.

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