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Year: 1984

Thai title: ยันต์สู้ผี
English title:

Rating: 2/5
Director: บุษกร

Main actor: Tanit Pongmanoon,Somsak Chaisongkram
Main actress:

Thai movie ยันต์สู้ผี was released in year 1984. Company New Royal Group released the movie on one VCD disc only and its lasts 1h18mn. The movie was also released under VHS (1h46mn). Many horror movies from 1980s had erotic sequences (โป๊แก้หมด). Those sequences were then cut when VCDs were released in decade 2000s. Such movies had limited budget but did well on box office especially in second class theaters (โรงหนังชั้นสอง). During this period, VHS players were still too expensive, so such movies had good commercial success. Famous actresses in such kind of movies were Praew Mardmarud, ใจกานต์ จิตปฏิมา. Movie director is บุษกร. Actors and actresses featured in this movie are Tanit Pongmanoon, วัลลภ นพสมบูรณ์, Somsak Chaisongkram, นที บุนนาค, เนตร นที, สงัด เพ็ญแข, รพีพรรณ จันทรา, ปรางค์, นาคบุน, น้อย โพธิ์งาม, ยาว น่ารัก, เดช ดำเกิง, ชีวิต อิสระ, ยง หน้ามอต, บรรพต พลขันธุ์, จริยา สอนเขียว, ทม ศรีวัฒนา. Most of the actors and actresses are unknown. Kwan tries to stop his younger brother Dao (Tanit Pongmanoon). Dao is disappointed that his girlfriend Deuan marries another man due to gratitude debts between parents. Nat (Somsak Chaisongkram), son of a rich man, shall marry Deuan but Deuan doesn't love him. Deuan gets suicide on the wedding day. The groom's father chases all of them. Deuan's father is upset and sends spirits to get revenge. A local master (อาจารย์) Saming chases the spirits away. Dao still misses Deuan. While Dao and Kwan are away, their sister Kanya is raped by Nat and his men. Rung, Kanya's boyfriend, wishes to get revenge over Nat. Fighting occurs between all of them. During fighting, Nat falls in the kitchen fire and dies. The master Saming proposes to Nat's spirit to enter into a new body (ร่างใหม่) as his current body cannot be used anymore due to burnt eyes and face. Master Saming finds corpses (เก็บศพ) for Nat to choose. Choices are limited so finally Nat enters in the body of a young man named Dam, who just died. A local sorcerer (แม่หมอ) is invoking Deuan to get news. Deuan tries to face master Saming but fails as he is very powerful. Deuan visits Dao at night time as she misses him. Wilai and Kwan are also having a romance. Saming has a plan to kill Kwan and Wilai. The father wishes to get back his daughter Wilai but she refuses to leave her husband Kwan. Fighting and magic spells occur. Deuan is able to defeat Dam and ensures that Nat will not rebirth again. A monk intervenes and neutralises Master Saming. Deuan finally accepts her death and leaves this world. Dao becomes a monk.

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