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Year: 1997

Thai title: พลังจิตจอมคาถา
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Bin Banleurit,Suchao Pongwilai,Paen Pleumsachai
Main actress:

Thai movie พลังจิตจอมคาถา was released in year 1997 and lasts 1h27mn. It was released under VHS format. It is Thai movie ผีสองนาง (1989) re-sequenced. Two spirit doctors (หมอผี), Rawin (Bin Banleurit) and Koi, are confronting each other. Master (อาจารย์) Koi is defeated and requests help from elder brother (พี่) Suchao Pongwilai to extract an arrow sent by Rawin. Two young rich ladies are travelling with their convoy. They are attacked by robbers. A local man helps them to flee but they are chased by the robbers and fall in the river. Their treasure also falls in the water. The elder sister drowns. The local man takes care of the younger sister. A shrine is built to remember the elder sister, who drowned there. Teenager Akio refuses to pay respect (ไม่เคารพ) to the shrine of the female guardian spirit (เจ้าแม่). During the night, the female guardian spirit drags her into the river. Uncle Ping (Paen Pleumsachai) consults master Rawin, who discloses the daughter was captured by the female guardian spirit. The female guardian spirit refuses to release Akio. Rawin promises to help. Rawin confronts the female guardian spirit, having a snake form, and defeats her. The female guardian spirit accepts reluctantly to release Akio. Suchao learns that the female guardian spirit was injured by Rawin so he wishes to defeat her to get all the merit. Meanwhile, the female guardian spirit changes her physical appearance to lie to elderly people. She asks them to get an unction from Rawin to cure her injuries. Being fooled, Rawin is worried that the female guardian spirit will attack villagers again. He blocks her spirit house, so she has nowhere to go. Rawin learns from a spirit doctor that a Cambodian teacher is also looking to harm him. The teacher is defeated by Rawin and requests help from master Poo. At nighttime, the female guardian spirit contacts Rawin and discloses to him where her treasure is hidden. She wishes to share it with poor people in the village to do good deeds and to ease her rebirth. Rawin promises to help the good-hearted female guardian spirit (เจ้าแม่ใจบุญ). Rawin plunges in the river and gets back the treasure as mentioned by the female guardian spirit. Master Poo is aware the treasure is now with Rawin. At nighttime, master Poo makes Rawin and friends to sleep, so they kidnap them and steal the treasure. The female guardian spirit helps by sending two figurines keeping her shrine to release Rawin. Meanwhile ruffians are out to burn the female guardian spirit shrine. The Cambodian master is killed by the female guardian spirit. Rawin is grateful for the female guardian spirit’s help. Aware, master Poo decides to strike back. A confrontation occurs between Poo and Rawin. Rawin is about to be defeated by Poo but the female guardian spirit interposes. She uses her sister and new husband to replace Poo's magic stick with a fake stick, so he can be defeated by Rawin. The movie ends with a big celebration around the female guardian spirit shrine to thank her for her treasure donation for the village.

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