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Year: 1996

Thai title: นางไม้
English title: Nang Mai

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

Thai movie นางไม้ / Nang Mai was released in year 1996. It only lasts 1h16mn so probably it was cut or censored. It was released on VHS and VCD. Like many movies in decade 1990s, there is a mix of comedy, scary sequences, few sexy sequences similar to บ้านผีปอบ. It often features a beautiful poster but at the end it was a low production often targeted for Thai provinces. Actors and actresses include สุริยา สุริยงค์, จิดาภา ดำรงค์ฤทธิ์, แพรว พร้อมพงษ์, ยุ้ย ยิ้มสยาม, สมศักดิ์ อ่อนวิมล, เก่ง วัชรา, เปี๊ยก ยิ้มสยาม, ทวี จันทิมาธร, ปริชาติ คงทอง, กาญจนา สิมาภรณ์, อินทรี พัฒนาการ, เพชร ภาคภูมิ, สงัด เหงือกงาม. No well-known actors in this low cost budget movie. Song and his acolytes attack a beautiful young lady, called Kanda, walking alone at nighttime. She is put to sleep through chloroform and Song is about to rape her. Nang Mai spirit (นางไม้) possesses the young lady's body and chases Song away (ผีหลอก). Song is a lazy son. He plans to go to Bangkok to look for a job but it is just another excuses to get money from his parents. Phet is back to the village. He learns that his mother died while he was in Pattaya. He visits his sister Plaew who is now a slave servant (ขี้ข้า) due to family debts interest. Their land is also lost. Phet asks help to Nang Mai to get the land back. Sia is very interested by Plaew. An old uncle warns Phet about falling in love with a spirit (ถ้านางไม้หลงรักจะยุ่งมาก). Phet meets Dao, who is a Nang Mai, i.e. a spirit residing in a tree. Love happens. A government officer, being an old friend, promises to help Phet financially in order to release Plaew. Sia plans a bad plan about Plaew. Hopefully Dao helps Plaew again. Even the household spirit (ผีเรือน) allows Nang Mai Dao to enter the house. Phet and Dao become lovers. Plaew is released from debt. Sia and Song want to get rid of Phet and Plaew to avoid giving back their land. An occult master (อาจารย์) recommend to cut the tree where Nang Mai is hiding. The old uncle asks Nang Mai to stop killings (อย่าทำบาป, รักษาศีล). Villagers are upset as Phet is sheltering Dao (เลี้ยงผี). A final fight opposing the old uncle and the occult master occurs. Song is finally killed but Dao dies in Phet's arms.

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