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Year: 1995

Thai title: ภูตพิศวาส
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Thai movie ภูตพิศวาส was released in year 1995 and lasts 1h34mn. ภูตพิศวาส was released 3 times under movie format (1964, 1980, 1995) and 4 times under TV series format (1980, 1995, 2004, 2018). ภูตพิศวาส 1964 version is still available under VCD format but the 1980 version is lost. The 1995 version was released under VHS and VCD version. A lady ghost sucks the blood of a young man. Three young men come to rest in a house located in a Buddhist temple in order to prepare exams in a quiet environment. Marut (ศิริพจน์ เจนวัฒน์) is the main character. The local temple undertaker (สัปเหร่อ), called uncle Hin, warns them to follow three rules, i.e. stay in the room after midnight, do not open door or windows at night time, ignore if somebody knocks at the door. One of the friend, Pamat, dies and his blood has been sucked. Ladies are seen wearing Thai traditional dresses. Manat, another friend, dies also. A lady cries at nighttime. Her name is Dao (กวินนา สุวรรณประทีป). She is a vampire (ผีดิบ). Marut has pity on her so she spares Marut’s life. Dao needs to bring blood to her grandmother. Dao asks Marut for help as she is doomed (รับกรรม). First there is a need to move her coffin to another place. Bougna (นิออน อิศรา) is the fiancee chosen by Marut’s mother. The grandma asks Dao to be back but uncle Hin refuses. Magical fighting occurs. The mother is now aware that Dao is a ghost. There is a big headache for her to manage Dao and Bougna. Uncle Hin discloses a way for Dao to become human again but her grandparents don’t accept as they wish to continue using Dao as a slave. Marut needs to pray for 20 days (เจ้าชีวิต). A domestic helper informs Bougna so she tries to disturb the ceremony. Finally it succeeds (เป็นคนแล้ว). Marut is exhausted. Marut and Dao finally become lovers. The mother wishes to chase Dao but Marut refuses. Seeing Marut’s love going towards Dao, Bougna uses a love philter (เสน่ห์ยาแฝด) to get back Marut. They marry. Hin breaks the spell and Marut finally goes back to Dao, being pregnant and being his real wife.

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