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Year: 1993

Thai title: แดร็กคูล่า&ปอบ
English title: Dracula&Pop

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Mum Jokmok,Morris K
Main actress: Trirak Rakkarndee

Thai movie แดร็กคูล่า&ปอบ / Dracula&Pop was released in year 1993 and lasts 1h20mn. It was released under VHS format and also under VCD format by Lepso. The movie is shorter than usual. Maybe some parts have been cut or censored. It is a horror comedy movie. Policeman Wut (กิตติพันธ์ พุ่มสุโข) is Kate's boyfriend (Trirak Rakkarndee). Kate's father is a doctor. The doctor imports a big box from overseas. Inside there is Dracula. As Thai Police is checking details, the box has to be thrown away. At nightime, Dracula (มอริส เค - Morris K) exits from the box looking for blood. ผีปอบ - Pop (Mum Jokmok) is also hanging around looking for blood and fresh intestines. Dracula from overseas meets Dracula Thailand, i.e. ผีปอบ! Both are vampires (ผีดิบ) but having different culture and different ways of getting blood. They work together to find fresh blood (ดูด). Police is investigating regarding the bodies found after their rampage. Dracula wishes to drink the blood of young lady Chaba (รักษ์สุดา สินวัฒนา) but Pop asks him not to kill her as she is his friend’s daughter. Following Dracula's bite, she becomes a vampire also. Dracula uses her to attract men to suck their blood. Wut's police colleagues play comic roles being afraid of ghosts. Police chases the vampires. Wut wants to use Kate to attract the vampire. The plan works as Dracula notices Kate in a discotheque. It starts failing when Wut loses track of Kate as she gets hypnotized by Dracula… Finally, Dracula is captured but Wut’s police colleagues, by having too naive, let him flee so he can reunite again with Pop.

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