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ผีเอ๊าะ เอ๊าะ
ผีเอ๊าะ เอ๊าะ

Year: 1984

Thai title: ผีเอ๊าะ เอ๊าะ
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: นฤชา

Main actor: Porjed Kaenpetch,Lor Tok,Note Chernyim,Krai Kanchit
Main actress: Anchalee Chaisiri

Thai movie ผีเอ๊าะ เอ๊าะ was released in year 1984. It was released under VCD format by Rose company. Movie director is นฤชา. A Thai husband called Sankap (Krai Kanchit) comes to rest in a remote house with his wife Oon (Anchalee Chaisiri), a domestic helper and his teenage daughter, Kaew (วัยหวาน อลิษา มิลเล่อร์). Ting is the mute (ใบ้) guardian of the old house. He is similar to a Quasimodo. Strange and scary noises can be heard at nighttime especially in the attic. Bones (ที่เก็บกระดูก) are found there. Kaew has her periods for the first time (เป็นสาวแล้ว). Through hidden passages in the house walls, the guardian spies the family. Through incantations, the guardian is calling an old spirit (ปลุกวิญญาณ) in front of a skeleton. The spirit needs a virgin (หญิงพรหมจารี) and pure blood. The spirit extended his life since more than 100 years thanks to virgin blood (บริสุทธิ์). Kaew is finally possessed (ถูกผีเข้า), speaks with a male voice and has extreme strength (แรงมาก). She tries to strangle the domestic helper. While her father is out to get a doctor, Kaew continues her rampage towards her mother and the domestic helper. The mother and domestic helper are not strong enough to face such a hell spirit (ผีนรก). The domestic helper is killed. Sankap arrives too late with a doctor. The doctor is even thrown out of the window and dies. Vichan (Porjed Kaenpetch), Sankap’s friend, visits them and is surprised to find the house very quiet. He also sees the two corpses. He has difficulties to believe in ghosts until the spirit wakes up. Vichan suspects the guardian so he follows him up inside his hut. Oon suggests to call a shaman (หมอผี). The guardian is neither mute neither handicapped. Some zombies try to catch Vinchan. Meanwhile the spirit lies to Oon and convinces her to open the locked door. A fight happens between the spirit and Sankap. Despite cutting its arms and head, Sankap is overcome by the spirit. Sankap and Oon are killed. A purification fire started by Vichan burns the skeleton and wax effigies. Spirits are defeated. Vichan promises to take care of Kaew. Compared to other contemporary 1980s Thai horror movies, this movie doesn't have much comic relief despite Lor Tok and Note Chernyim acting, so it is more similar to western standards despite having simple Fx. It could be the Thai version of "The Exorcist"!

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