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ร้อยเล่ห์ ร้อยคาถา เพื่อให้ได้เธอมา
ร้อยเล่ห์ ร้อยคาถา เพื่อให้ได้เธอมา

Year: 1992

Thai title: ร้อยเล่ห์ ร้อยคาถา เพื่อให้ได้เธอมา
English title: Evil Black Magic

Rating: 2/5
Director: Ho Meng-Hua

Main actor: Bin Banleurit
Main actress: Trirak Rakkarndee

Thai Movie ร้อยเล่ห์ ร้อยคาถา เพื่อให้ได้เธอมา / Evil Black Magic / 处女的诱惑 was released in year 1992 and lasts 1h31mn. It was released as a Cat III movie in Hong Kong as it includes erotic sequences. This Hong Kong movie was shot partially in Thailand and features some famous Thai actors and actresses. In Thailand, a sorcerer is digging in a cemetery. He brings back a woman corpse wearing a mask. A pin is put in her head and she becomes a lady vampire demon. The sorcerer sends her on a mission. Sophia (Trirak Rakkarndee) creates dwarves’ spirits to counter the sorcerer. The lady is dancing in a discotheque. A young lady asks help from the sorcerer as she has issues with a chinese man. The sorcerer sends the lady vampire demon to manage the man. The man realises too late she is a ghost and gets killed. Sophia tries to neutralize the lady vampire demon as the killed man was her father. The lady vampire demon is chased by the dwarves. Back in Hong Kong, two men, Meng and Yi, love the same woman Mei. Jealousy and deception occur with Meng. Meng goes to Thailand as the Amah recommends him to visit a sorcerer. When he arrives at the sorcerer house, the sorcerer is doing a spell for a woman willing to seduce a man. It works well as Bin Banleurit has now desire for the lady. Meanwhile the sorcerer is not willing to spend time with Meng, so he chases him away. Meng has to stay outside under rain and harsh sun to show his determination. Then he has to stay in a room with corpses, snakes, lizards, scorpions, salamanders to show his willingness. He is accepted as a novice. Meanwhile the Thai lady has issues with her boyfriend Bin as he is seducing another lady. A lady fight occurs in a hotel room. The Thai lady complains to the sorcerer. He promises to help again. Meng hires a lady to get hair and blood from Bin. The spell works well as Bin is back with the Thai lady. While the master sorcerer is drunk, Meng takes his magic ring and uses the lady vampire demon to steal money. He is now checking for another target. He is impacted by black magic and replaces the sorcerer. Meng is now back in Hong Kong. He visits his two friends. They are going to marry. Frustrated, he injures himself. About to die, he asks them to visit his master, being a sorcerer. It is a trick to bring them to Thailand. To help Meng, the master asks for hair and blood. Being possessed, Mei flees her room to join Meng. Sophia is proposing to help Yi. Finally Mei is released from Meng’s spell. Sophia neutralizes Meng and his body is burnt. Yi and Mei are back together.

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