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Year: 1991

Thai title: ผีดิบดิบ
English title: Curse of the Zombi

Rating: 1/5
Director: Lee Ho

Main actor: Lau Siu Kwan,Kawee Sirikhanerut
Main actress: Tsang Siu Yin

Thai Hong Kong movie ผีดิบดิบ was released in year 1991. It lasts 1h19mn including 3 minutes of behind the scenes sequences. It was released under VHS format by ST Video. Movie director is Lee Ho. HK movie name is 屍降 / Curse of the Zombi. The movie features Thai and HK actors / actresses. It has a pretty short duration, so part of the movie might be cut or censored (ฉากโป๊). Many Thai HK horror movies during that period (ร้อยเล่ห์ ร้อยคาถา เพื่อให้ได้เธอมา - Evil Black Magic 1992, หม่ำต้มยำผี - Devil of love 1994 etc) were Cat III movies. Thai Hong Kong movie ผีดิบดิบ is announced as a Cat II movie. Three Hong Kong visitors, Michelle (Tsang Siu Yin), her brother Tanun (Lau Siu Kwan), and her fiance Chat Chai, arrive in Bangkok, Thailand. The brother likes to study ancient cultures. They meet Anna, who is Chat Chai’s younger sister. Phi Saeng (Kawee Sirikhanerut), a local ruffian, likes Anna. He is upset as Anna doesn’t show interest in him. Saeng sees Tanun as a rival. Anna dances (เต้นรำ) with Tanun. Saeng complains to his father Song, who is a local shaman (หมอผี) and asks for his help. The father gets a corpse and resurrects it. The two couples go into the jungle with some villagers guides to find a cave. Saeng and two of his men follow them. Several dead men are found in the village. Villagers suspect the shaman Song, so the village leader visits him. The shaman refuses to help so the village leader consults a female witch (แม่มด)(actress ปอบทองคำ). She gets possessed by a กุมาร ทอง (Sanctified young boy) and confirms the murders’ responsible is Shaman Song. The local shaman is captured by villagers led by the witch. As the shaman refuses to recognize his responsibility in the villagers murders, so the villagers burn him. His spirit takes refuge in a coffin. Meanwhile the four friends are attacked in the forest, but it is a trick set up by Saeng. Defeated, Saeng uses black magic to win Anna’s heart. A zombie is sent to the village to attack the house of the village leader. The witch sends a sanctified young boy (กุมาร ทอง) to affront him. The zombie is pushed back by the sanctified young boy. The four friends defeat the zombie by burning its coffin. Back to the village, all villagers are dead except the witch. They were all killed by Saeng. Saeng is finally defeated by them.

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