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ตัณหาพระจันทร์ 2
ตัณหาพระจันทร์ 2

Year: 1991

Thai title: ตัณหาพระจันทร์ 2
English title: Midnights shade 2

Rating: 2/5
Director: สันติ เอนกนนท์

Main actor: Ekapan Banleurit,Kiet Kijcharouen
Main actress: Trirak Rakkarndee

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Thai movie ตัณหาพระจันทร์ ภาค 2 / Midnight Shade 2 was released in year 1990. A few versions are available. It is available under VCD format with company Happy Time (1h07mn) and also with company Lepso (1h30mn). Lepso company version is coming from the VHS version. Happy Time version is censored as hot scenes are cut. The VHS version is also cut making the horror movie a bit awkward to watch. Such low cost budget movies mix horror, funny sequences, a few erotic sequences and limited Fx effects. It seems to be a popular pattern in Thai horror movies in 1985~1995. A new doctor (Ekapan Banleurit) is arriving in a remote village. On the way to the village, he found a dead body. It seems that such deaths are happening frequently and recently in the village. Pim and Somkiet (Kiet Kijcharouen), working in local clinic, welcome the new doctor and his two nurse assistants. An injured man is chased by three hunters. Champee (Trirak Rakkarndee) asks for doctor’s help but the injured victim is no longer there. Villagers believe in Phi Pop ghost. A "Phi Pop" (ผีปอบ) is an evil spirit believed to possess a person in order to eat his intestine while also forcing him to seek and consume raw animal organs and meat at nighttime. An old man Pho Khaem and his daughter Champee are accused to be Phi Pop ghosts as some villagers are killed. Uncle Boon is the one to spread those rumours. The doctor has to fight again the villagers' old beliefs and to find who has done the murders. Uncle Boon uses old methods such as whipping a sick young lady called Kathin having fever as he believes she is possessed. Doctor Ekapan disagrees (หมอยาเม็ด). Kathin dies but the doctor cannot do an autopsy to know the death symptoms. Lamduan, daughter of uncle Boon, is close to Champee and doesn’t believe her father. Uncle Boon (หมอ) provides an oil charm as one villager called Thap is enamoured with Champee. Uncle Boon uses black magic (วิชา) to control villagers with fear. Nurse OnNut is aggressed, raped and killed at nighttime by an evil spirit (วิญญาณร้าย). Lamduan is found dead. Villagers accuse Champee (ผีสิงในตัวของเขา). Doctor Ekapan helps her before the villagers shoot her. Thap is injured while protecting Champee. Ekapan notices that Pim takes a lot of blood from Thap during blood test. He follows her and understands that the blood is used to give life to an evil spirit (เสือสมิง). The evil spirit has possessed Pim a long time ago when she failed to execute properly black magic. The evil spirit kidnaps Champee and kills her father. Ekapan interposes but he is injured. Hopefully another spirit doctor helps to neutralise the evil spirit. Peace is back in the village.

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