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7 ป่าช้า ตอนผีแหกท้อง
7 ป่าช้า ตอนผีแหกท้อง

Year: 1990

Thai title: 7 ป่าช้า ตอนผีแหกท้อง
English title:

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Bin Banleurit
Main actress: Trirak Rakkarndee

พี่ Phai is a young man keeping buffalos. Young ladies Lampoo and Reun have interest in Phai. But Phai cannot forget his former girlfriend Riem, who has left for Bangkok. She is now married and pregnant. Riem comes back to countryside as her husband, Pradet, is a bad guy. She dies when giving birth to her child. Her husband arrives on time for the funeral ceremony. He tries to force her sister Reun to become his new wife but Riem's ghost prevents this. Pradet recruits a master (อาจารย์) to provide him corpse oil (น้ำมันพราย) to make love filters (ยาเสน่ห์) in order to seduce Reun and help him to get rid of Riem ghost, who is a powerful spirit (ผีตายโหงทองกลม) because it has the power of two people (the baby and the mother). But the ghost breaks sacred threads (สายสิญจน์) and chases them (there is always the classic gag when many actors enter a water jar one by one to escape ghost and then flee one by one as there is already another ghost in the water jar). They request support of a monk. Riem listens to monk advice and give them a last chance of redemption. Pradet recruits another master from Cambodia, who also fails due his lust following a beautiful lady, who is in fact an ugly ghost. Kathin festival (ทอดกฐิน) happens. During the ceremony Pradet tries to kidnap Reun but it fails again. Riem comes for Phai and asks him to marry her young sister, Reun. A third master is used by Pradet to stop Riem but it fails again. Pradet, afraid of Riem, becomes crazy paying for his bad karma. Riem leaves after Phai promises in front of Reun to marry her. "7 ป่าช้า" is related to people involving in black magic (เล่นของ) with human bones or potions such as corpse oil. This movie is typical of Thai horror movies in end of 1980s mixing horror and comedy (ghost wishing to play cards, ghosts playing คู่กรรม role), dog howling announcing ghost appearance, American Halloween movie soundtrack used...

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