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Year: 1989

Thai title: ผีสองนาง
English title: Heavenly Spell

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Bin Banleurit,Suchao Pongwilai,Paen Pleumsachai
Main actress:

Thai movie ผีสองนาง was released in year 1989 and lasts 1h13mn. It was released under VCD format by Lepso company. A VHS version was released in Hong Kong under the name of Heavenly Spell / 菩薩咒 / Heavenly Devil in year 1991. It was also released again in Thailand under the name of นิกายมนต์ดำนรก. Main actors and actresses are Bin Banleurit, Suchao Pongwilai, Paen Pleumsachai, วาสิฎฐี ศรีโรฟุ้ง, ศศิมาภรณ์ ไชยโกมล. Thai movie ผีสองนาง is based on a real legend in Nong Khai province. Two sisters drowned in the Mekong river with a treasure chest while escaping Vientiane during the Thai looting in year 1828. They become ghosts protecting the treasure chest. They can metamorphose themselves into giant mystical snake or พยานาค. The shrine is located in a Thai Buddhist temple in Sri Chiang Mai. A convoy led by two noble Laotian ladies is transporting a treasure. They are attacked by Thai robbers. Seeing the beautiful ladies, the robbers wish to abuse them. A young Thai man interposes but he is outnumbered. They have to flee. Both ladies fall in the river. The young man is only able to rescue one lady. The other lady drowns. The treasure has fallen in the Mekong river also. Later on, a shrine is built on the river bank as homage to the drown lady. A local young girl, named Lamyai, refuses to give respect to the shrine. At night time, the spirit kidnaps Lamyai. Snakes prints are seen. Lamyai is the district officer’s (Paen Pleumsachai) daughter. He asks help from witchdoctor (หมอ) Chook (Bin Banleurit). Chook promises to help to recover his daughter. He dives in the river to find Lamyai. Chook fights and defeats a big snake (งูเจ้าแม่). Lamyai doesn't wake up but finally the snake spirit accepts to release Lamyai’s spirit to ease tensions in the village. The snake spirit changes its appearance to lie to old villagers to get unction (ยาทำแผล) to cure the injury caused by Chook at its neck. If the snake spirit gets cured, it will be danger (อาละวาด) for villagers again. Chook makes special ceremony (พิธี). The snake spirit (พญานาค) hires two others black magic sorcerers to fight against him. Another witch doctor warns Chook (ของดีในตัว) that the snake spirit will try to hurt him again (ปล้ำ). Chook has to face a Cambodian black magic sorcerer looking for troubles. Chook dives in the river and gets the treasure back. Suchao Pongwilai is pushed by the snake spirit to defeat Chook. Knowing that the snake spirit has no more treasure, Suchao decides to play his own game to defeat both Chook and the snake spirit. He even destroys the ghost shrine (ไม่มีที่พักอัศาย). Finally understanding that Chook uses white magic and not black magic like the cheating sorcerer Suchao, the snake spirit helps in order to defeat Suchao. The snake spirit forgives Chook for taking initially the treasure chest and the ghost shrine is rebuilt. Do good deeds, get rewards. Do bad deeds, get death.

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