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Year: 1985

Thai title: จอมเมฆินทร์
English title:

Rating: 1/5

Main actor: Rith Luecha,Note Chernyim,Krai Kanchit
Main actress:

This movie related to a vampire is another B grade Thai horror movie. Dead bodies are found in a village. Doctor Solot is ordering his caretaker to find bodies part. Nobody in the village can meet or see doctor Solot. Doctor Solot has one exorbitant eye and needs to finish a mysterious job. He wishes to make a perfect creature with dead elements. Meanwhile a few Bangkokian friends (Eung, Dong, Vichak) arrive in the village. The Frankenstein creature created by doctor Solot is defeated. At the same time a vampire spirit (วิญญาณ) is released unfortunately by a villager lady called Tengnam. The spirit was prisoner of the bottle previously by the local sorcerer (หมอผี). The vampire, called Maekin (เมฆินทร์), takes possession of doctor Solot's body. He is looking for beautiful ladies blood. He likes a young lady called Eungkam. A nun (Nang Suchatada) arrives in the village. The vampire wishes to get nun Suchatada as his wife. The nun, the Bangkokian friends and Eungkam unify their efforts to fight against the vampire. The local sorcerer contacts an hermit (ฤาษี) to know how to get rid of the vampire. Three weapons are needed to kill the vampire, i.e. jasmine flower (ดอกมะลิ), a magic sword and blood from virgin. Tengnam is also under the vampire spell. She gives poisoned fruits to the local sorcerer who dies. Anyway the nun succeeds to get all ingredients to fight the vampire. The vampire is defeated by the nun but many villagers and Vichak die. This B grade movie has a little budget, simple Fx effects and features many deaths. It is a remake of the movie shot in 1973 with Sombat Methanee.

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