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Year: 1983

Thai title: แก้วขนเหล็ก
English title: The Dracula

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Toon Hiransap,Somphob Benjatikul,Rith Luecha,Somchai Samipak
Main actress: Apiradee Pawaputanon,Mayura Thanabutr,Pornpan Ketmamatsu

Thai movie แก้วขนเหล็ก / The Dracula was released in year 1983 and lasts 1h22mn. It features some background music by Jean-Michel Jarre and also from James Bond movies. Movie director is สุริยน ดวงทองดี. Wat (Toon Hiransap), Dom (Somphob Benjatikul) and Nin (Apiradee Pawaputanon) are discussing. Dom just gets a heritage (มรดก). It is an old haunted abandoned house. He decides to stay there and so starts restoring it (ตกแต่งห้อง). Rose (Mayura Thanabutr), his fiancee (คู่หมั้น), finds that he changed a lot. An old uncle tells the story of the house. Sir Maekin (ท่าน เมฆินทร์) (Rith Luecha), previous prince (ลูกเจ้าพระยา), wished to marry a young lady (played by Apiradee) but the father refused as the lady was already promised to somebody else. So Maekin kidnapped the lady. His father (Somchai Samipak) imprisoned him for a few days until the wedding was over but Maekin disappeared. Legend said that he become a ghost. Toon helps an old uncle aggressed by two ruffians. He gives him a ring supposed to push back ghosts. One night, Dom is possessed by vampire Maekin. Rose's birthday will happen soon. Dom places a transparent coffin in the house's underground (ห้องใต้ดิน). Dom becomes normal while holding a Buddha amulet, which burns his hand. Maekin possesses him again. Wat uses Tibetan prayers to neutralize the vampire (ผีดิบ). The vampire possesses Wat's young brother (ปรัชญา) in order to shoot Wat. Under Maekin’s influence, Dom kidnaps Nin. Wat has no choice but to affront the vampire and use the special ring… A first version was released in year 1971 with Petchara Chaowarat and a later one in year 2003.

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