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Year: 1969

Thai title: ตุ๊กแกผี
English title: Gecko ghost

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Surayut-Chaiyayut Vetchayan,Sukon Koewliam
Main actress: Sasithorn Phetrung,Yaowaret Nisakorn,Marasri Bangchang

Thai horror movie ตุ๊กแกผี was released in year 1969. A father (ประดิษฐ์ กัลย์จาฤก) is married with a woman (มารศรี ณ บางช้าง) and have three grownup children, one boy (Surayut- Chaiyayut Vetchayan) and two daughters including Sasithorn Phetrung. His wife is severely sick. So the husband tries to bring in the house a new younger minor wife (Yaowaret Nisakorn). The children disagree with the new minor wife but the father keeps protecting her. Arguments occur and the mother dies due to shock. Her spirit enters a gecko. The son of the minor wife, Phalalop (พัลลภ พรพิษณุ), likes Sasithorn Phetrung. The mother ghost threatens the new wife not to bother her children. Sukon Koewliam is used as a spirit doctor (หมอผี) but he is chased away by the gecko ghost. The ghost lady is having multiple dots on the face similar to a gecko. A famous scene is when the ghost is putting live small mouses in her mouth to eat them. Surayut- Chaiyayut kidnaps a young lady, daughter of the new wife. Her brother Phalalop releases her. Arguments and fightings happen Surayut-Chaiyayut and Phalalop. Phalalop falls from a high cliff and is left as dead. Romance happens between Surayut- Chaiyayut and the minor wife’s daughter. Phalalop isn't dead. A romance also happens between Sasithorn Phetrung and Phalalop. Thanks to a second spirit doctor, the second wife neutralises the ghost as a sacred cloth seals the coffin. Meanwhile Phalalop is having a new girlfriend to the high disappointment of Sasithorn Phetrung. Surayut- Chaiyayut finally finds the sacred cloth and removes it. To ruin the reputation of Sasithorn Phetrung, the minor wife hires a man to rape her and a photographer to take dirty pictures but the mother ghost kills the rapist first. A third spirit doctor gives an exorcist knife (มีดหมอ) to stab the body of the ghost mother on the 15th day of lunar calendar. The ghost wakes up on time and order the minor wife to stab herself. The father organizes ceremonies for both spirits to find peace. The two young couples can wed.

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